“Property washing and maintenance is a part of our business. It has to happen but it’s something you’d prefer not to worry about – and that’s what we’ve got at the moment. We’ve got someone who comes in and does it does it well and we don’t have to think about it.”



“I know that I can call JT Property Wash and I’ll always get a professional and efficient response. I find that really valuable – I can trust them to do what I need them to do, freeing me up to concentrate on the other aspects of my job.”


When Pacific Coil Coaters have a complex, technically difficult cleaning job to be done on one of its Colorcote roofs they call on JT Property Wash.

“People think that cleaning  a building is just a man, his dog and a truck pulling up and doing a bit of a clean but it’s just not like that. JT Property Wash Director Ray Tomlinson has built his brand across the country and has got the systems in place to deliver an excellent service. I need JT Property Wash for the big complex jobs and Ray just gets in there and fixes the problem – I sincerely doubt there is anyone else in the country with that level of expertise.”


“Property washing is clearly JT Property Wash’s core business, as such they had a clear expertise in the field and could offer a lot  more than generalist companies.”

– Warehouse Stationery

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