JT Building Wash Machine

The perfect solution everytime

Cleaning your property exterior enhances your face to the world and helps you save considerably on long-term repair and repainting costs.


As experts in property washing nationwide,
JT Property Wash uses advanced technology, diligent research and their vast experience to

provide you with the most reliable, professional and convenient service.

The JT building wash machines are remotely controlled and operated safely from the roof and ground.

Each machine is configured with patented brush and spray technology allowing a variety of building types and facade surfaces to be cleaned.


Efficient: The JT system washes the complete building, including windows, frames, seals and glass quickly and efficiently. This means you can clean your buildings and windows in one process.

Safe: Our machines eliminate the need to put workers at risk. The same crew can now safely operate the system remotely from the ground.

Green: We use a pure water system for a streak-free, spot free clean to buildings and windows
and doesn’t require harsh soaps or chemicals.

The Science of Pure Water

Not all water is created equal. JT Property Wash use the science of deionization to turn typical tap water into super-pure water to ensure a streak-free clean.

Water can naturally contain large amounts of ions from the ground or from the pipes that carry the water. Deionization is a chemical process that uses ion-exchange resins to remove almost 100% of all elements other than hydrogen and oxygen.

Traditional window cleaning typically uses eco-unfriendly chemical solutions that are mixed with tap water. These harsh chemicals are used because they are needed to ensure a streak-free clean. The JT building wash machines don’t require any chemicals for a streak-free clean.

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